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Choose your best e-course fit to solve your biggest career hurdle and regain your confidence as a dietitian. Learn how to master LinkedIn, sell yourself in a competitive job market, and more.


50 minutes of career mentorship specific to Y-O-U in the areas you actually want help with. Choose from our trusted mentors both inside and outside of the dietetics realm. Coming soon!


We have a real talk approach to dietitian careers. Check out our resources for blogs, interviews, industry insight, the inside scoop of companies that hire dietitians, and more. Coming soon!

Susan Stalte Dietitian Career Coach

It's time to be you, boldly.

NutriGig helps current and future dietitians cultivate successful careers through private mentorship hours, e-courses, and resources. We're on a mission to help shape a more confident and empowered profession.

Susan Stalte


Career success isn't just about you, it's about your impact.

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